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  Welcome Party for Prof. Dave Raymond and Mr. and Mrs. Dibas (2015/7/30)
  Master Thesis Presentation (2013/1/31)
  2012 Year End Party (2012/12/14)
  The 22th IHP Training Course (2012/11/18-12/1)
  Okazaki High-school Students came HyARC on field trip(2012/8/27)
  Welcome Party for Newcomer(2012/4/09)
  Farewell Party (2012/3/27)
  Master Students Graduation (2012/3/26)
MSJ 2011 Fall Meeting (2011/11/16-18)
  Okazaki High-school Students came HyARC on field trip(2011/8/23)
  BBQ party and Congratulations for Minda-san's doctor's degree(2011/6/24)
  Welcome Party for Newcomer(2011/4/18)
  HyARC-NICT Joint Research Workshop at Okinawa (2011/3/3-4)
  Shimaoka-kun and Kanemaru-kun got master's degree (2011/1/31, 3/24, 3/25)
  Farewell Party for Mori-san(2010/12/16)
  HyARC Open Lecture and The 10th aniversary of HyARC(2010/12/11)
  GSMaP Workshop(2010/11/24)
  2010 Autum Meeting of MSJ (2010/10/27-29)
  Learning Program for Okazaki High School (2010/8/10)
  Farewell Party for Singh-san(2010/7/26)
  Welcome Party for New Commer(2010/4/12)
  Party for Nagata-san's graduation(2010/3/25)
  HyARC-NICT Joint Workshop at Okinawa (2010/3/3)
  Kanreki Seminar and Party for Prof. Nakamura(2009/12/18)
  GSMaP Seminar(2009/12/03-04)
  MSJ Chubu-shibu Open Seminar(2009/8/25)
  Okazaki High-school Students came HyARC on field trip(2009/7/23)
  Jouint colloquium with Chiba Univ. Higuchi Lab.(2009/7/10)
  Welcome Party for New M1 Students (2009/4/17)
  The Ohanami 2009 under the Peach Trees (2009/4/7)
  Farewell Party for Prof. Rao-sensei(2009/3/27)
  Gakui Jyuyo(2009/3/25)
  Master Thesis Presentation (2009/2/2-3)
Welcome Prof. Rao and 2009 Year end Party(2008/12/24)
  Farewell party for Nga-san(2008/9/18)
  Farewell tea party for Bhatt-san(2007/9/19)
Okazaki High-school students came HyARC on filed trip (2007/8/20)
Mr. and Mrs. Ichikawa's wedding party and Short-san's farewell party(2007/7/20)
Special seminar by Dr. David Allen Short (2007/7/19)
Party for celebration of Bhatt-san Marriage and welcome Hidemi-san(2007/6/1)
Okazaki High-school students came HyARC on filed trip (2006/8/3)
Fujiwara Award (2006/5/23)
2006 Spring Meeting of MSJ (2006/5/21-24)
Observation at Okinawa (2005/6/29-7/10)
Observation at Okinawa (2004/8/30-9/7)
Observation at Okinawa (2004/5-6)
Welcome Party for T. N. Rao-san (2003/1/6)
Farewell for Kusuma-san and Welcome for Akimoto-san(2002/9/25)
Observation at Miyako-jima and Shimoji-jima(2002/8)

Welcome Party for M1 Students (2002/4/11)

Year End Party of Nakamura Lab. (2001/12/27)

Welcome Party for Singh-san (2001/10/26)

The Fifth International Study Conference in GAME (2001/10/1-5)

Farewell Party for Rao-san (2001/9/19)

Welcome Party for Rao-san (2001/6/27)
Farewell Party for Adeyewa-san (2001/5/25)

Farewell Party for Shibakawa-kun and Endo-kun (2001/3/29)

Year End Party of Last IHAS (2000/12/20)

Welcome for Duan-san & Farewell for Krishna-san (2000/10/12)

Welcome for Adeyewa-san & Farewell for Sawada-san (2000/7/19)

Farewell Party for Erda-san (2000/5/18)

Fiscal Year Party (2000/4/18)

Krishna-san Curry Party (2000/2/20)

Memorial Photo with Dr.Short (1999/10/12)

Year End Party (1997/12)

Fiscal Year Party (1996/4)